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Name Live Wallpaper


> This application, Name Live Wallpaper helps to set your name as live wallpaper with stylish font, color and cool animation effect which makes your home screen more effective.> Set your name or name what you want, with an amazing 3D effect that can appear on your home screen.
> Choose your favourite font and the alignment of text to be appearing on screen from the menu in this application, Name Live Wallpaper.
> You can enter two names that what you want and set different font style to the names and can apply the animation effect.
> The Settings menu provides different options like to select font style, set background for the text and the alignment of text on the screen.
> You can also apply the animation effect and the duration speed of text to flow on the screen .
> This application, Name Live Wallpaper is an amazing one provided with huge options and totally a free android application.